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Greenhouse Wedding: 'Let Love Grow'

Oh my HEART. Meira & Josiah had the perfect spring day to tie the knot. This was my first greenhouse wedding, and it did not disappoint. The details, colors, guests, and location were stunning.

'Let Love Grow' perfectly describes the day. This saying was stamped on their gifts to guests, and it stuck with me. Meira & Josiah did a first look that was so intimate and full of emotion. They even danced to a song they both loved all alone in the ceremony space. The love was radiating from them both as they looked at each other for the first time.

The most memorable part of the ceremony was their handwritten vows. They were so unique and special. Tears and laughter were heard as they recited these to one another.
The love these two share spread as seeds do in the wind.

The simplistic yet stunning details of their wedding day were beautiful. The greenhouse obviously had a lot to offer in the space, but Meira & Josiah's details added warmth and comfort. The dinner table was centered by an heirloom candle that lit the bride and groom as they enjoyed family and friends.

Meira's nails even matched her veil! Even though the veil had a mind of its own, we captured some STUNNING photos with it. The length and beads were absolutely gorgeous. One of my favorite details in a wedding is the VEIL.

Overall, I loved capturing this day, this couple, this location, and most importantly this love.


Meira & Josiah

April 16th 2022

Birdhaven Greenhouse; Joliet IL

Laura Jane Photography by Brittany Allen

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